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RUMCAR NEWS is published and distributed free to subscribers four times a year. As well as original information on microcars, news of forthcoming microcar events, reprints of period articles of every aspect of microcar history, collecting and ownership, readers benefit from communications from microcar owners throughout the world and advertisements for all manner of microcars, microcar parts and microcar miscellanea.

Newsletters for Frisky, A. C. Petite, Peel, Goggomobil, Nobel and Invalid Carriages registers are regular features, and we welcome input from subscribers to expand and increase the interest of our magazine.

In 2003, RUMCars won 3rd place in category A (up to 250 members) in the Classic Car Weekly Club Magazine Awards. Sadly, presentation of this award was discontinued thereafter, depriving RumCar News of the opportunity to improve upon this result.

RUM CAR NEWS 104 (above) is the current issue, comprising 36 pages in full colour!
Contents include:

Groombridge's Yard: A Trilogy of Three Parts:
part two: The Aftermath
Some That Survived
New Year's Resolutions Anyone?
A Tale of Coincidences
It's those Elephants again!
Budapest to Peel
Pictures from the Past
5 Days in The USA part 3
Brussels World Fair Exhibition 1958
Microcars Around The World - The Indian Sub-Continent
December Mystery Car... Solved

On top of all that is the customary editorial, news, event details, items for sale and help wanted, members cars and snaps, the mystery car, letters from subscribers, the regular pages on Frisky, A. C. Petite, Peel, Goggomobil, Nobel and Invalid Carriages, and more besides. See more here.

RUMCAR NEWS welcomes all letters on Micro-cars and the articles found in the magazine. Individual microcars may be only small, but the subject is very extensive. Circumstances have restricted the number of pages to 28 for some time, but from issue 81 we will be seeing an increase to 32 pages (with no increase in subscription rates). Editor Tony Marshall says, "The number of pages keeps growing. From 20 we increased to 24, then 28. Now we are up to 32, and in all probability there still won't be enough space for all I want to include"! ' Sure enough, issue 89 had 36 pages!

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