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Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: Friskysport - seen from a new angle
« Last post by john Meadows on August 18, 2014, 07:55:15 PM »
Mini shocks work just fine on the Mk1 Family Three, if you want to do them again heres the info but I would be inclined to leave well alone

The original Family three front shock absorbers did not work they lock up after only a short mileage it is  recommended that they are replaced with the following components-----

 The front shock absorbers,  part number  QAH127093 S-ABS Mini. Can obtained from motor factors Davmac Spares Ltd of Nottingham  (Tel 0115970 3222)  They do two shocks under the same part number one is imperial and the other metric. It is important that you get the 1.5 inch dia imperial ones the metric are too wide and will not fit.
The rods will have to be modified to suit the Frisky. The rod will be too long and will need shortening to match the old shocks and the thread extended by the same amount up the rod.

The front springs to go with these shock absorbers are  Ref No G6119 Frisky Spring (D124/11)and  are made  at Springcoil Ltd  Sheffield Tel. 0114 273 1111
The original units were Armstrong  AT6/7 S.6187 Type C (with minor mods)

Note -- do not force open the alloy cups as they will crack likewise do not over tighten then or they will crack.

Ok thats your Sunday afternoon sorted


Off Topic Lounge / Car Challenge
« Last post by marcus on August 18, 2014, 07:25:16 PM »
When we were young my brother had a book about cars and there was a picture of an unusual car, perhaps from around the 1930s, which looked a bit like a Rumpler, Crossley-Burney Streamliner or more old-fashioned version of Fiat Multipla/BMW 600.

I remember it being called the Hotchkiss Multiplex but I cannot find any reference to it on-line. Perhaps it was a concept which never materialised, or a special body made for a chassis,  perhaps the book's writer was wrong or perhaps I am mistaken.

Anyway, if anyone has/can find a picture or info I would be really grateful. Not important, purely curiosity!
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: Gordon Van
« Last post by richard on August 18, 2014, 06:20:18 PM »
Well Malcolm ran this one past me first and it's news to me , I have to assume the idea went nowhere but ..... One of my real loves is sign written small commercials !! Now I wonder hmmm , something along the lines of a Bond Minicar van ? I could do that , it would not mean spoiling the original and the van capacity of 25 cu ft gives the dimensions . Ideas on a postcard please
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Gordon Van
« Last post by Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker) on August 18, 2014, 04:23:23 PM »
The catalogue for the 1954 Cycle and Motor Cycle show has an intriguing line or two about the Vernon's stand. Has anyone else ever come across a mention of the Gordon Tradesman's Van?
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: BEA Isetta?
« Last post by marcus on August 18, 2014, 03:03:42 PM »
The Science Museum has one (grey) in its Large Object Store in Wroughton, Wilts.
Some of them (plus special "high windscreen" fuel tankers and lots of lovely old cars can be seen in "Look at Life" films such as "Cities of the Air".
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: BEA Isetta?
« Last post by Nimrod Cabin on August 18, 2014, 02:48:30 PM »
Great photo but I cannot think of a caption. When we lived in Montevideo 1957-62 the local bus company had a fleet of Isettas for communication, service and parts delivery, perhaps BEA used Isettas for similar purposes. BEA had the most stylish coaches:

I agree, they were lovely 2 x  half deck coaches, when I lived in Reigate as a lad they had a couple of these at the bus garage, out of airport duty then,  I think they were used as mobile uniform issuing units. Went to Brooklands in the Bond last summer (not totally off topic Richard) and saw MLL 740, what a beauty, Google MLL 722 and compare.

Strangely enough, outside this very bus garage and at the age of 16 I lost all drive in my Mark D Bond, all the rivets had sheared on the wheel sprocket. A guy getting off a bus said that he had a Bond, I went to see him later and we became good friends, the contacts he had led me to purchasing a Raleigh Safety Seven, wish I had kept it.
Microcar News / Re: James May's Cars of the People
« Last post by marcus on August 18, 2014, 01:49:28 PM »
^ Ironic!
Microcar News / Re: James May's Cars of the People
« Last post by Bob Purton on August 18, 2014, 01:36:01 PM »
The motoring programme makers appear to have nurtured an audience of petrol heads that are more interested in blowing things up or dropping from helicopters than they are in learning some facts. Now, that's what they expect to see. Very sad!
Its still worth seeing on iplayer though Marcus for the interesting bits.
The biggest irony is that at the National I was totally against them having free range of the site and the cars to make the programme, guessing it was going to be another Top Gear type shame, and out of all the camera hungry crawlers there trying to get into the programme via offering there cars etc who's is the only recognizable face to appear in the whole sequence? Yours truly!  ::) ;D
Unusual Microcar Discussion / Re: BEA Isetta?
« Last post by marcus on August 18, 2014, 12:46:28 PM »
^ That gave me an idea:    Hey Man, it's an IseTTa !
Microcar News / Re: James May's Cars of the People
« Last post by marcus on August 18, 2014, 12:44:58 PM »
Agree with Rusty Chrome about the Mechanical Marvels show, absolutely superb, and no flippant/trendy insults. I was away and missed part 2, sounds like I did not miss much.

How much is down to May and how much is down to producer I do not know, but BBC hows some fascinating programmes about all manner of things from ocean liners, trains and trams to Egyptian remains, weather and fossils, all covered with respect and interest.  However, as soon as CARS are the subject matter all interest and objectivity has to make way for cynicism and contempt.

If they cannot think of anything positive to say about the programme's subject matter, I wish they would just not make the programe!
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