News, reports and requests from the register

Added 06.4.06
The Future of Rumcar News - what do you think?

Tony Marshall and I want to find out what people think of RUMCAR NEWS. We are facing heavier postal charges and the price may have to go up again, which certainly will not please many people. There have been changes in the last couple of years which have undoubtedly had a positive effect on the magazine, ie. more pages, colour printing, but these have come with a cost. Now we have reached a cross-roads and need as much feedback as we can from readers and subscribers so that we can make the decisions necessary to producing a good quality, interesting and informative magazine, at a price that doesn't drive away our readership. Please send any comments and suggestions to me by e-mail or join in the debate on our discussion forum.

Added 03.3.06
First Working party of the year: 19 February

We had a very good meeting yesterday and in spite of the rain the seven Friends and together with family members spent the whole day moving cars around, mending punctures, finding chassis and engines numbers and putting up posters. Three chassis(es?!) were cleaned up, painted and hung up on display as well. Everyone said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and certainly there was a lot of good humoured banter flying around. Over refreshments we fixed a date for the 2006 Farm Open day for Sunday 30th July with the option over camping overnight if required. Further details will be announced later. It was also decided the Friends would hold a further working party possibly early in May. If any one else would like to join the Group of Friends please let me know. Jean

Added 18.1.06
First Working party of 2006

Sunday 19th February from 10 am onwards has been suggested as the first meeting of the Friends of the Hammond Collection of Microcars for 2006.

The idea will be to give the cars a dust, polish and check over after having been untouched for six months or more. Pump up tyres, access what jobs need doing both to the cars and their surroundings. Adjourn for some refreshments which will be provided, over which we can decide the way forward and plan other meetings. Possibly set a more formal pattern to the Friends with someone other than the family taking a leading role.

We have plenty of cleaning materials, polish, etc but an individual bucket, sponge, rags, etc. would probably be a good idea.

If you can join us on this occasion we shall be very pleased to see you but if you can let me know in advance so that I know numbers for catering I would be grateful.

New Friends are always welcome - contact Jean for information. Thank you in advance for all your help, Jean and Andrew are most grateful for the extra help.

Added 7.10.05
Peel On Tour
Jean Hammond joined the Peel Rally on the Isle of Man in July. Read her enthusiastic report!

Open Day at School House Farm
A splendid day was had at the RUM Cars museum open day on 14th August 2005, with the collection of around 40 cars open to all. Visitors were able to try out a variety of rare microcars, including a Goggomobil, a Peel P50, Bob Dobie's Flipper and Nick Devonport's Tuk Tuk. With others bringing their cars, a jumble stall and barbeque, visitors were kept well entertained.

Morris Minors at School House Farm
In September the Kent section of the Morris Minor Club based their "Kent Hop" day at the farm, a visit to the collection being the added attraction. A rare opportunity for Morris Minors to feel like giants!

Added 2.10.05
Computer problems
Unfortunately, Jean Hammond suffered a disastrous computer failure during the summer and this has resulted in the loss of all of her saved e-mails. If you have contacted Jean by e-mail in recent months and not received a reply, it is likely that your message has been lost. Jean asks anyone who has not heard back from her, to please send their message again to

Added 27.9.04
Goggomobil owners please contact us ...
Maurice Rogers is doing his very best to bring our Register of Goggos up to date but many of the addresses we have are incorrect. Could all Goggo owners out there e-mail Jean Hammond ( - a quick email with Registration, chassis and engine numbers plus of course name and address would be welcomed. Once Jean has checked these details against her RUM listings, they will be passed over to Maurice. Also Maurice would welcome any feedback he can get to make is quarterly Goggo newspage more interesting.

Reports added 7.5.04
Visitors to the Hammond Collection ...
Interest in the collection is increasing, and in the first quarter of 2004 there have been visits from a group of Southern-area Messerschmitt owners, the editor of the Dutch club magazine and his wife and Micheal Ware ex-curator of the National Motor Museum. Again contact Jean if you would like to arrange a visit.

Making Connexions ...
Thanks to RUM several groups of enthusiasts have been introduced to each other so that they can share tips and spares during restoration projects. After successful exchanges between Gordon and Goggo owners, an Empolini owner who thought he had the only one in the UK was to introduced to several other. Most recently, the owner of a Poirier French Invalid carriage - who was not even sure what vehicle he had - despaired of finding some tyres. Another Poirier was on the Register but that was kept in Luxembourg. After following a chain of contacts, not only was a connexion made, but two more Poirers were discovered as a consequence! Jean Hammondd says "More people are finding out they need not struggle alone with their problems. If we haven't got an answer we can often find 'a man that does'." Contact Jean if you need connecting!