The Register of Unusual Microcars (RUMCars) was established in 1980 to cater for the growing number of microcar enthusiasts whose vehicles were not eligible for membership of any of the existing one-make clubs or registers. The general definition of microcars as economy vehicles with either three or four wheels, powered by petrol engines of no more than 700cc or battery electric propulsion, and manufactured since 1945 was adopted, but this can be varied if justified by vehicle interest The Register is not a commercial enterprise. It exists purely to maintain records of the existence of these rare little machines and to encourage their preservation and restoration. A comprehensive archive includes original sales and service literature, road test reports, magazine articles and many photographs.

The Register is able to advise and encourage microcar owners seeking information, and can often liaise between those with similar makes and models, though confidentiality is respected and details are never divulged without authority. RUMCars is recognised by DVLA, and has assisted in the re-allocation of original U.K. registration numbers where appropriate. Over 900 microcars, located world-wide, are currently listed on the Register. DOWNLOAD a registration form for your car (Word format).

Our magazine RUMCAR NEWS is published and distributed to subscribers four times a year. Contents include original information on microcars, reprints of period articles and literature, communication from members, details of meetings and events and, of course, microcar advertisements.

You can SUBSCRIBE ONLINE and receive four copies of RUMCAR NEWS each year.